A Portfolio of Patterned Abstract Works by Jeanie Auseon

A pattern of silkscreen prints on canvasThe Improvisation Continues, silkscreen prints, dyes, and paints on canvas mounted on cradled wood


Jeanie Auseon is an artist and long-time art educator whose current practice explores abstraction and mixed media. Using materials like silkscreen, cloth, and stencils, the artist creates patterned abstract works that often have an almost quilt-like aesthetic to them.

A pattern of prints on dark fabricMotion Series #4, Stripes, stenciled images on monoprinted cloth


Some of Jeanie’s works on cloth remind me of textile art by Pat Autenrieth – but Jeanie’s works are more difficult to categorize as purely textile-based. The artist often covers the surface of a canvas or fabric sheet in abstract patterns, sometimes repeating. Sometimes the focus is on that pattern while other times the pattern itself seems to veil or obscure a central form.

A screen capture of Jeanie Auseon's art websitewww.jeanieauseon.com

While the artist’s more recent works tend toward hard abstraction, I’m also interested in archived works that take on a more nature-like, figurative appearance. It’s interesting to see the natural patterns of, for example, rocks or leaves, alongside abstracted patterns of shapes and colors.

A painting of rocks fitted togetherUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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