The Digital and Traditional Photo Portfolio of Pamela Pitt

A photographic print with a silhouette over grave stonesMother's Day, photographic print


Pamela Pitt has been taking photographs for decades, developing a unique style that blends an eye for detail with a love of surrealism and abstraction. The artist uses both digital and traditional photo manipulation techniques in her portfolio.

A double exposed photograph with Japanese architectural elementsStream of Consciousness, photographic print


I really enjoy Pamela’s Spirit Guide series. In this series, photographs of grave stones or spiritual architecture form the basis of many of the images. The artist overlays these sombre images with lighter silhouettes, often human, like ghosts. There’s something approachable about these works, yet I still get the sense that they probably have a distinctly different meaning for every viewer.

A screen capture of Pamela Pitt's art portfolio websitePamela's portfolio website

Like fellow artists Adam Mayster and Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, Pamela frequently uses digital techniques to create her photographic images, like the sliding, liquid abstractions of light and color that appear in her gallery of digital photographic collages. Other times, she paints directly onto a physical photograph. The resulting works sit between photography and abstract painting, borrowing aesthetics and meaning from both.

A photographic abstraction of a pink-hued waveRose Wave, digital abstract on photographic paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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