Vibrant and Varied Style: The Art Portfolio of Jacquie Manning

A pastel drawing of a rooster on a black backgroundRooster

Jacquie Manning is an artist and teacher who, in her personal practice, creates figurative images in a vibrant and varied style. Jacquie’s works often appear to have a slightly rough texture, with volumes and shapes blocked out in patches of saturated color.

A painting of a pair of ducks in the grassDucks


I like the way that the artist balances brightly-colored forms with backgrounds that are often darker in color. Some works, like outdoor landscapes or architectural imagery, showcase deeply colored, cloudy skies -- some others appear to be built onto a darker sheet of paper. This underlying shadow adds a fascinating sense of drama to the works.

A screen capture of Jacquie Manning's art


The artist’s explorations into black and white drawings are also quite interesting. The focus here seems to be more on outline and form than on shadow or volume. The works focus on buildings and streets, capturing the contours of ornate, sculpted windows, roofs, and other forms.

A black and white drawing of a Venetian buildingUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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