Ginny Paternite's Portfolio of Expressive, Colorful Paintings

A painting of an ornate silver teapotTea Time, oil

Ginny Paternite grew up in New York, and is currently based in Bluffton, South Carolina. The artist’s practice centers on expressive, colorful paintings that run the gamut of representational subject matter, from landscapes, to portraits, to architectural forms.

A welcome plaque painted on slateWelcome Slate, oil on slate


I’m enjoying going through Ginny’s portfolio and seeing how the artist paints such a wide variety of subjects in her own unique and consistent style. I find Ginny’s welcome plaques particularly interesting. Each work serves as a sort of informal crest for a home or family.  painted on flat, irregular chunks of slate stone, Ginny’s renderings of the home (and sometimes pets or other symbols) are painted lovingly and with great attention to detail.

The front page of Ginny Paternite's art websiteThe front page of Ginny's portfolio website

I also like the soft, pastoral atmosphere of Ginny’s landscapes. In these paintings, planes of grass and colorful skies are treated with equal delicacy. Ginny’s gauzy, sun-dappled fields of green cast the land in an inviting light.

A painting of a path in a public parkSpring in Hyde Park

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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