The Exciting Visual Perspective of Brent Ciccone

A painting of a bright-colored prairiePrairie Fire, oil on canvas

Brent Ciccone imbues all of his paintings with vibrant pigment, applying an energetic, exciting visual perspective to landscapes, leaves, flowers and more. While Brent’s subject matter ranges from vast to up close and personal, his consistent style creates a sense of cohesion in his portfolio.

A pastel drawing of a turkeyTurkey Face, pastel on paper


In our previous feature of Brent’s work, we focused on the artist’s sweeping landscapes. I also really enjoy the gallery of animal paintings and pastel drawings on Brent’s current web page. It’s interesting to see how the artist’s chosen palette ports over into these works – they’re almost surreal in the level of color they use, but the pigments are also strangely congruous – bright reds, oranges, and yellows apply an autumnal aesthetic to a bear catching a salmon, while deep blues and purples highlight the contours of a turkey’s face and neck.

A screen capture of Brent Ciccone's art


The artist’s UnClassified gallery highlights a sense of exploration in Brent’s practice – the artist doesn’t seem to shy away from any subject matter, but applies his unique style consistently to landscapes, architecture, human figures, and even automobiles.


A painting of a canoe in tall grass

Waiting, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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