Tony Cepukas' Portfolio of Innovative Mosaics

A photo of a mosaic finger printFrick, ceramic and acrylic on wood panel


Tony Cepukas creates innovative mosaics, playing with the traditional style and aesthetic of mosaic artworks and in some cases, reinventing that style. Using a variety of fragmented materials, the artist creates mosaics both subtle and striking, small and complex.

An abstract mosaic with a repeating patternUntitled, ceramic and acrylic on wood panel


I really enjoy how Tony explores the sculptural possibilities of the mosaic medium. While some of the works in Tony’s art portfolio take on the smooth, polished finish of a traditional mosaic, many of them embrace the opportunity for topographic textures, taking larger, more irregular chunks of ceramic and layering them on top of a substrate -- or leaving enough space between to create interesting dips and valleys in the surface of the artwork.

The front page of Tony Cepukas' art websiteThe front page of Tony's portfolio website

Some of the artist’s recent works have used the fragments of ceramic and other material as a sort of drawing tool, creating both the outlines and the volumes and shapes of various figures. The artist is also skilled at re-creating recognizable imagery from music and pop-culture.

A mosaic artwork depciting a Grateful Dead logoBlues for Allah, ceramic and mixed media on wood panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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