The Mixed Media Art Portfolio of Darren Hurst

A painting of a woman reclining and a shadowy figureDoppelganger, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas


Darren Hurst is an artist based in Fresno, California, who works in a range of traditional mixed media. Darren’s artworks are often figurative, and the artist tends toward rendering his pieces in detailed brush marks.

A painting of a woman in sugar-skull makeupLa Esmeralda, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas


Darren’s compositions tend to focus on a central figure – sometimes this figure takes up the entire canvas, while at other times the artist draws focus to this figure by creating a muted or ambient background. In our previous feature of Darren’s comic book figures, we discussed the way the artist’s figurative works speak to a deeper meaning, with the artist employing elements of symbolism and surrealism. 

Darren Hurst's art portfolio websiteDarren's online art portfolio


I also enjoy the artist’s explorations into abstraction – the works in Darren’s gallery of abstractions showcase more variation and experimentation with a wide variety of media, including different types of paint, textured surfaces, and sculptural elements. The artist always seems to have an idea of what he intends to communicate through his paintings, and his abstractions are an especially interesting mode of communication.

An abstract mixed media artworkDivine dissolution

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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