Catherine Bourassa-Hebert's Painting and Printmaking Portfolio

An abstract painting with circular figuresCSS IV Untitled 6, acrylic on canvas

Abstract artist Catherine Bourassa-Hebert divides her time between Montréal and Boston, creating works in painting and printmaking. The artist’s works veer toward abstraction, though they often borrow recognizable forms along the way.

A study of circular forms made with stark contrast and dark colorsCSS IV Untitled 7, acrylic on canvas


I enjoy Catherine’s particular approach to painted abstraction. In our previous feature of the artist’s patterns and prints, we looked at Catherine’s numerous Circle Studies. These paintings, while functioning as an ongoing series, vary wildly in terms of color and composition. The only thing that remains consistent throughout is the presence of the circular form.

The front page of Catherine Bourassa-Hebert's art websiteCatherine's portfolio website,


Catherine’s use of geometry overall is very interesting – while her works are abstract, I get the sense that the geometric forms function in a way that human figures might, in a portrait or landscape. Similar to some works by Lili Phelouzat, Catherine’s geometric forms serve as a focal point, and perhaps a jumping-off point for the construction of an overall composition which incorporates a variety of different mark-making methods.

A painting of several circular forms and paint dripsCSS III Untitled 10, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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