A Portfolio of Mixed Media Artworks by Susan Gransby

A linocut print of architectural linesBirdman of Hong Kong, linocut

Susan Gransby’s mixed media artworks take complex architectural forms and simplify them, creating signs and signifiers in the form of streamlined, graphic imagery. The artist plays with negative space, sometimes layering small images on a large blank surface.

A linocut print of a roadway and vehiclesCassiar Connector, linocut


In our previous feature we looked at Susan’s linocuts – the artist has a knack for building imagery out of shadow and highlight. This sense of looking at what’s not there, as much as what is, carries over throughout Susan’s portfolio: her reduction linocuts and monotypes build volume out of absence, while her mixed media series treat entire images and individual elements in a greater composition.

The front page of Susan Gransby's art websitewww.susangransby.com


I really enjoy Susan’s mixed media: bamboo series. The works in this gallery all seem painstakingly planned and arranged – the finished compositions seem at once deliberate, and chance-based. The artist layers texture and colour, using a variety of different types of paper, overlapping them and letting them stand alone where appropriate.

A printd image of cranes on the Burrard InletCranes -- Burrard Inlet

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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