The Art Portfolio of Painter and Photographer Dianne Cuzner

A painting of a figure in a prairie landscapeAlberta Camping, acrylic on canvas

Dianne Cuzner is a painter and photographer based in western Canada. The artist has an eye for bright, exciting color, an aesthetic that carries over into works that deal with peaceful coastal subject matter; landscapes and bodies of water.

A painting of a canoe in waterJourneys End, acrylic on canvas


In her artistic practice, Dianne expresses a genuine love for the art form. She combines numerous influences from her personal life and her surrounding environment, creating images that are sometimes abstracted and sometimes expressive of a very particular place and time. I like the way that Dianne incorporates a brighter-than-life colour palette into many of her works, infusing each image with extra life and vitality.

A screen capture of Dianne Cuzner's art portfolio websiteDianne's art portfolio website,


Dianne’s photography portfolio is packed with examples of experimentation – I rather enjoy Dianne’s photographs of fireworks. In these images, the bursts of light are captured along with the inevitable movements of the hand-held camera, creating a work of photography where the artist’s hand is unusually present.

A photograph of a red fireworkPhoenix Rising

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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