Creative Photography: The Art Portfolio of Cody Blain Jones

A photograph of a magnolia flowerMagnolia Bloom

Cody Blain Jones is a photographer based in Austin, Texas. In his creative photography, Cody explores dreams and the subconscious, using a range of different techniques to create a slightly off-kilter, surreal atmosphere in his images.

A photograph of a white fluffy cloudWhite Fluffy Cloud

I’m impressed by the range of styles present in Cody’s creative photography portfolio. In Somnabulism alone, for example, there are photographs that are taken in stark, head-on detail, with high-contrast lighting that exposes everything to the viewer’s eye. In the same series, Cody offers up images that rely on shadow and absence, letting the viewer fill in the details.

The front page of Cody Blain JonesCody's art portfolio page,


The series Sirens is perhaps Cody’s most cohesive – photographs of dancers in motion capture a sense of wonder, and the feeling of being caught up in watching a fast-moving spectacle. Cody deliberately uses a long enough expose to blur and distort his subjects while leaving just enough recognizable detail to provide a basis for understanding – a jumping-off point for the viewer’s imagination.

A blurred photograph of a woman dancingSirens6

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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