The Vividly Colourful Art Portfolio of Penny Prior

A colourful painting of two birdsUntitled

Penny Prior is an artist who lives and works on Galiano Island, off the coast of British Columbia. The artist’s works are vividly colourful, and use a simplified style to depict island life, animals, and landscapes.

A painting with the outlines of fish and birds in whiteUntitled


In our previous feature of Penny’s portraits of island life, we looked at the way the artist uses her bright palette to create a cohesive image of the island environment, and to explore abstraction. I’m really appreciating the works in Penny’s gallery entitled Birds, Birds, Birds, Some Whales, Some Fish, and a Dog. Not only does the title of the series capture Penny’s playful approach to artwork, but it’s also quite an accurate picture of the works therein.

A screen capture of Penny Prior's art websitePenny's art portfolio at


Penny’s style lends itself to portraits of animals and dogs – the artist isn’t overly concerned with realism or fine detail, but instead looks to capture the distilled elements that make up a figure. Not only does she capture these elements, but Penny’s works also retain a sense of the pure joy in the practice of painting.

A colourful, abstracted painting of birds and fishUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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