Abstract Sensibilities: The Art Portfolio of Alan Disparte

An abstract painting made using brightly coloured spray paintRoan, acrylic and spray paint on canvas

Alan Disparte combines abstract sensibilities in his artwork, merging flowing, dynamic paint splashes with calculated geometric forms. The resulting paintings are enticingly dynamic, imbued with a sense of life and movement.

A painting with abstract forms in a sort of patternSapphire Brew, acrylic and spray paint on wood panel

I’m really drawn to the works in Alan’s Nature Culture series – we looked at some of these paintings in our previous feature of Alan’s work with media and memory. Here the artist plays with the natural properties of different media, using paint, for example, to render bright, smooth geometric planes, then adding frenetic, charged lines of charcoal or graphite to provide textural contrast.

A screen capture of Alan Disparte's art websitewww.alandisparte.com


This sense of varied texture and colour within a composition is consistent throughout most of the work in Alan’s art portfolio. It seems that the artist has a knack for packing as much detail and form into each work as possible, while stopping just short of overwhelming the viewer.

An abstract painting with geometric elementsValediction, acrylic, graphite, ink

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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