Changeable Energy: An Art Portfolio by Edie Marshall

A painting of a dense area of tall grassTangled Energy, oil on Terra skin paper

Painter Edie Marshall captures the changeable energy of the Saskatchewan landscape in works of varying dimensions and levels of detail. Edie’s paintings find beauty in both the vast spaces and the tiniest details of the prairies.

A painting of a body of water on a prairieSpring Thaw, oil on canvas


I really enjoy the loose, painterly approach that Edie takes in her works – painting from direct observation, the artist’s gestural brush marks allow for clear representations of individual leaves, flowers, and blades of grass, without losing the sense of natural movement in a scene. In close-up paintings the artist tends toward darker colours, adding deep shadows between green highlights.


A screen capture of Edie Marshall's art websiteEdie's art portfolio website


Looking at one of Edie’s paintings I can almost hear the wind gently moving through the tall grass.

Edie takes a similar approach to capturing bodies of water. In a couple of her most recent works, she depicts lakes in states of freezing and thawing, rendering the frosty surface in a mottled plane of blue, white, and other subtle neutrals.

A painting of a small cove with clear waterThe Cove, oil on Terra skin paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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