Urban Landscapes: The Art Portfolio of Nicole Richards

A painting of birds on a wire in front of the moonHalf Moon Balance

Nicole Richards’ studio art practice centers on celebrating the wonder and awe that comes with immersing oneself in the natural world. Nicole’s artworks often depict birds and other animals in habitats that intersect with urban landscapes.

A painting of a baby deer on wood panelUntitled


I love the way that Nicole incorporates the look and feel of raw wood into her artworks by using uncoated panels as substrate – the occasional wood grain texture that peeks through her sparse layers of colour adds an extra connection to nature and the forest.

A screen capture of Nicole Richards' art websiteThe front page of Nicole's art portfolio website


Nicole’s works seem to embrace a sense of balance between wilderness and urbanity – in paintings, birds are sometimes depicted in the habitat of electrical cables. In one painting, a pack of wolves roams the roof of a housing development. Nicole’s works don’t seem to take a hard stance on right or wrong, but rather present the inevitable integration of woodland and city development with a peaceable, measured gaze.

A painting of wolves on a rooftopWolves on the Condo Complex

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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