Minimal Lines: The Design Portfolio of Joel Yatscoff

A product design for a sleek burn kitTokyo Smoke Burn Kit (collaboration with Hiku brands)

Joel Yatscoff is a product designer who lives and works in Toronto. As a designer Joel favours sleek, minimal lines, sparing use of colour, and an approachable overall aesthetic.

A product design for a freshening mistTokyo Smoke Cloud Mist (collaboration with Hiku Brands)


Joel’s recent designs for products in a medical and cosmetic vein are pleasantly modern and impactful. Recently, the artist worked with Hiku to create product designs for a line of medicinal cannabis tools and accessories. The resulting pieces are a beautiful blend of style and function, and the products have an unexpectedly upscale look and feel. Joel’s designs lend a sense of professionalism and care to products in a field that’s still building a reputation for such qualities.  

The front page of Joel Yatscoff's design portfolio websiteJoel's design portfolio website,


Joel is no stranger to medical product design – in our previous feature of Joel’s sleek, streamlined products, we looked at his design for a medical tricorder, created in collaboration with Cortex design. This piece of wearable tech provides the wearer with comprehensive data about their physical health and vital signs.

A product design for a set of medicinal productsVan der Pop / Weed MD Wecome Kit (collaboration with Hiku Brands)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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