An Art Portfolio of Cityscapes and Florals: Allen Wittert

An abstracted painting of a city streetMediterranean

Allen Wittert is a painter who works in a blocky, abstracted style, rendering his subjects in planes of bright colour and heavy, confident lines. The artist’s portfolio features human figures as well as cityscapes and florals.

A painting of an abstracted cityscapeCity of sails, acrylic


I really enjoy Allen’s bombastic painting style – the works in his art portfolio are all imbued with a vibrant sense of energy that’s almost contagious. I feel more awake after looking through Allen’s painting series. With the artist’s background in the advertising industry, it’s interesting to see his transition into such eye-catching artworks.

A screen capture of Allen Wittert's art websiteAllen's art portfolio website


I’m really taken by Allen’s floral works – they function beautifully as individual paintings, but as a series they’re wonderfully cohesive. The imperfect, almost abstract forms of flower petals and blooms seem well-suited to Allen’s painting style, and the artist’s frenetic, scrawled lines interact with his bright patches of colour to create a great impression of the subject.

A painting of a bouquet of wildflowersWildflowers, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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