Dense and Painterly: The Art Portfolio of Lully Schwartz

A painting of the Eiffel tower during the dayEiffel by Day, oil on linen

Artist Lully Schwartz is based in Point Shore, Massachusetts. Large, confident brush marks and clear evidence of the artist’s hand rule Lully’s portfolio, and the artist’s overall style is dense and painterly.

A painting of a rocky outcroppingLooking Out, oil on canvas

I really like the look and feel of Lully’s paintings – the works are mostly figurative, but the artist’s style leans into abstraction to create a pleasantly fluid and dynamic aesthetic. The artist’s recent landscape paintings make use of an especially saturated set of neutral hues, along with greens and blues that make each scene seem all the more lush and vibrant.

A screen capture of Lully Schwartz' art


Lully’s recent painting Myth of the Graces seems to exemplify her style. This painting, even more so than some of the artist’s earlier works, walks a fine line between abstraction and representation. It almost appears as though the background was built up around the central figures, partially obscuring them and erasing the space between background and foreground. The resulting painting has a curious, almost contradictory depth in the way that both background and foreground seem to go on forever.

A painting of several abstracted figuresMyth of the Graces

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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