Photographic Abstractions: The Portfolio of Richard R. Ashby

A close-up photograph of a mineral formationUntitled


Artist Richard R. Ashby uses the world around him to create bright photographs and photographic abstractions. The artist’s work explores colour and composition, and often utilizes floral forms.

A photograph of white orchids close upLycaste -- Concentration


Richard’s series of rock and mineral abstractions are beautiful – and fascinating. In extreme close-ups, the veins and planes of colour in mineral formations appear as flowing, splashy abstractions. Veins and cracks form lines and sometimes almost look like figures, set against backgrounds of colourful crystal and stone. These works showcase natural beauty in a delightfully novel way.

A screen capture of Richard R. Ashby's art portfolio


Richard’s orchid photographs offer a similar look at artistic forms found in the great outdoors. In his orchid macros, Richard focuses in on the colour and contour of a single bloom, creating photographs that hearken to paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe. The colours, textures, and lines found in these flowers are stunning – they’re also something like the scanned florals of John Grant.

A close-up photo of a pink orchidMiltonia (3)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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