Pic Monkey is Your Friend

framed water-color painting of an iceberg


Psssstt! Over here! I've got a secret to tell you and you are going to love me for it. Wouldn't it be great if you could edit your photos quickly from any computer, whip up some slick little exhibition ads or email your client an image of your art so that it looks like it's in a frame? I have recently started to use an online photo editor called Pic Monkey and it can do all of that!  It's really simple to use. Oh and it's free. Joy!


I would recommend spending some time just testing it out with a few of your images so you can see all of the different things that you can do. It offers many options which might be a tad overwhelming, but only at first. In the photo above I used Pic Monkey to simulate a frame around my work. I can send this to a client to help them understand how my work might look framed if they were to purchase it.


Below I used Pic Monkey to create a collage of images and text that served as an advertisement for my art show with Buy Some Damn Art. It was fun to make and perfect format for posting to Instagram (ie. square).


Buy some damn art


This service is great and it has helped me out quite a bit and though I still use Photoshop to edit my images I prefer to use Pic Monkey for any ads that I need to make as I really want that kind of work to be quick and easy.


Here is the link: http://www.picmonkey.com . They offer quite alot for free but they do have an upgrade option which includes more of everything!

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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