Paint and Colour: The Art Portfolio of Jack Vanzet

A painting made with a single brush markSingularity

Australian artist Jack Vanzet explores paint and colour through flowing abstractions that treat individual brush marks as figures in their own right. The artist’s works often look like close-ups or details of a larger artwork.

A painting of an orange brush mark on a dark backgroundNorthSouth


Vanzet’s dreamy abstracts celebrate the materiality of paint and the act of painting itself – each work seems to represent a moment in time where the artist’s hand blended with the medium, a melding of materials and focuses. I love the different colour combinations that the artist uses as well – Vanzet often combines rich, saturated colours like pink, brown, or gold with black or dark grey, creating an opulent look for each of his paintings.


The nature of Vanzet’s works – their beckoning for the viewer’s own projections and imagined images – makes them well-suited for product designs and collaborations, and the artist’s portfolio also holds many examples of this type of work.

A cover design for a mixtapeLessons (cover design for mixtape by Thrupence)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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