Dollhouse-Sized Dioramas by Ronan-Jim Sevellec

A sculptural diorama of a building interiorUntitled

French artist Ronan-Jim Sevellec specializes in creating tiny dollhouse-sized dioramas of various interior scenes. Most of the artist’s works depict buildings in and around Paris.

A small diorama placed on a staircaseUntitled


It’s fascinating to see the amount of detail that goes into each one of Sevellec’s art pieces. Photographs of the dioramas taken close-up leave some ambiguity as to whether this is a full-sized room, or a small-scale sculpture. The artist seems to have gone to painstaking lengths to find materials and textures that perfectly emulate the look and feel of every table, piece of fabric, or architectural feature in the scene.


The scale of these artworks reminds me of the tiny sculptural works by Evan Lorenzen. There’s something meditative about Sevellec’s sculptures – though the process of recreating the fine details of a space must be time-consuming, I can imagine that getting everything exactly right would be rewarding in equal proportion.

A diorama by Ronan-Jim SevellecUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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