Angels and Mythology: An Art Portfolio by Peter Mohrbacher

A digital painting of an angel with an obscured faceThe Lament of Sathariel

Peter Mohrbacher is a Chicago-based artist and designer who creates beautiful digital paintings and prints based on the idea of angels and mythology.

A digital painting of a plantlike figureSuchlaph, Angel of Verdency

Mohrbacher’s series of angels offer a fascinating update on classical subject matter. The artist infuses each digital painting with elements that seem straight from classical paintings, along with the cybernetic, the futuristic, and the pure fantasy.


The artist’s paintings, collected into several different series, function wonderfully as a cohesive group. They seem as though they would be at home as fine art pieces, or as game concept designs or characters. In his backgrounds, the artist manages to tread a fine line between specific and mysterious – Each figure is presented in a setting that seems oddly familiar, yet similarly dreamlike, and I really enjoy the symbolism present in the way that the artist interprets the domain of each of his angels.  


A painting of the imagined angel of TaurusAsmodel, Angel of Taurus

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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