Paint and Pencil Photorealism: The Art Portfolio of Jeffrey M. Green

A painting of a birdhouse with white blossomsBirdhouse and Blossoms, oil on canvas

Jeffrey M. Green draws images with an eye for paint and pencil photorealism, creating still-life and floral works that look like they could jump right off the canvas – along with landscapes that seem to stretch out into real space.

A pencil crayon drawing of a book and some household objectsIllumination, coloured pencils


For Jeffrey, the practice and process of art-making are both ways of working through personal anxieties and connecting to higher powers. The artist’s intention in each work is to experience and convey the beauty of the world – an intention that’s clear from looking at these drawings and paintings. Each detail is rendered with the same loving attention to detail, all coming together to form a complete work that draws the viewer’s eye across the surface.

The front page of Jeffrey's art websiteThe front page of Jeffrey's art website


Looking at Jeffrey’s artworks is its own form of meditation. The artist’s subject matter sometimes has inherent, grand beauty, but other times Jeffrey focuses his attention on small, everyday objects, bringing them to life with just as much care as he would a striking sunset or breathtaking seascape.

A pencil crayon drawing of a wave crashing on a shoreGentle, coloured pencil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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