Decorative Art: The Portfolio of Robert Milling

A series of framed landscape paintings inside a car dealershipLandscape murals for Lexus dealership

Robert Milling uses his skills with figurative painting and perspective to create realistic murals, faux finishes, and other decorative art projects. Based in California, Robert designs paintings to adorn spaces indoor and outdoor, in public and private.

A close-up image of a section of a muraldetail of Lexus landscape mural


I find it interesting how Robert creates a sense of depth in his works. In our previous feature of the artist’s work with depth and dimension, we looked at the way Robert uses trompe-l’oeil perspective techniques to create an incredibly convincing illusion of expansive space on a flat surface. Though his murals showcase the artist’s skill at rendering human forms, architecture, and landscape in realistic detail, the artist’s decorative works exemplify his ability to bring certain visual elements into real life existence.

A screen capture of Robert Milling's art websiteRobert's art portfolio website,


The colours and textures that Robert tends to use also speak to a classical aesthetic. Warm, sandy neutrals form the base of many of his faux finishes, and create the look and feel of antique, slightly worn frescoes.

An interior featuring Robert Milling's faux finish workfaux finish

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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