Jungle Creatures: The Art Porfolio of Jason Shanaman

A sculpture of a pair of gorillasMountain Gorilla Silverback and Baby, hydrostone with bronze patina and coloured patina

Jason Shanaman creates beautifully detailed resin sculptures of animals. Most notably, the artist’s work focuses on chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans – though Jason has also produced likenesses of lizards and other jungle creatures.

A sculpture of a chimpanzee in a thoughtful posePrimal Thinker Chimpanzee, hydrostone with hand-painted bronze coating and patina


In our previous feature of the artist’s regal sculptures we looked at Jason’s statues and busts of orangutans. The artist works an impressive amount of detail into each of these sculptures, rendering the different textures of hair, skin, eyes, and nails in skilled realism. Jason creates his works in monochromatic tones of brown, bronze, and copper, imbuing the works with a sense of simple, sleek richness.  

The front page of Jason Shanaman's art websitewww.jasonshanaman.com


A few of the artist’s reptile sculptures are painted, and here the artist showcases his skill for capturing not only the textures of skin and scales, but the colouration of specific types of reptiles as well. The green and orange hues that Jason uses seem vibrant yet remain true-to-life.

A painted sculpture of a lizard on a rockYellow Saharan Uromastyx, hand-painted

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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