The Jewelry and Bookmaking Portfolio of Char DeRouin

A handmade book in bright coloursUntitled

Char DeRouin is a mixed media artist creates works in paint, costume design, jewelry and bookmaking. The artist’s style is one that blends packed, frenetic compositions with subdued pastel colour schemes for an aesthetic that seems soft and inviting.

A page from a handmade bookUntitled


I quite enjoy the tactile look and feel that Char achieves, especially in her bookmaking works. The pieces in her Paper + Stitch gallery evoke a collaged, found-object aesthetic in a combination of textile and paper. In many of the works, Char seems to use colourful scraps of various materials, sewing and gluing them together to create a whole that’s both cohesive and fascinating for its varied appearances.

A screen capture of Char DeRouin's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Char's art portfolio website


Char’s Jewelry designs favour big, bold statement pieces – the artist has a particular affinity for large beads and multiple strands. Char herself says in her statement that she’s “never met a bead [she] didn’t like,” and there’s a certain sense of opulence in these jewelry designs that seek to cram as many of those beads as possible into a single wearable object.

A handmade piece of jewelryUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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