Colour and Composition: The Art Portfolio of Jarmila Kostliva

An abstract painting with a bulbous figural formExposure, oil on canvas

Jarmila Kostliva creates abstracted artworks that focus on texture, colour, and composition, while drawing parallels to human and other biological forms. Jarmila tends to work in a range of mixed media, including both oil and acrylic paint, producing finished products that are striking in their mysteriousness.

An abstract painting with white lineart drawings overlaidAbomey, oil on canvas

In our previous feature of Jarmila’s biomorphic, tactile imagery, we looked at the way the artist utilizes abstract forms to create the impressions of figures. It’s interesting to look at the artist’s recent works in contrast to her works dating back to 1995 – the artist’s older works lean far more into traditional abstraction and cubism, though interestingly many seem to utilize the same colour palette as Jarmila’s most recent paintings.

A screen capture of Jarmila Kostliva's art portfolio


Jarmila’s works also reference science, technology, history and the artist’s studies of primitive cultures. In her work, the artist seeks to understand and examine human existence through both a physical and a metaphysical lens.

An abstract painting combining geometric elements with random compositionBreakfast at Sequoias, acrylic and acrylic collage on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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