The Portfolio of Vancouver-Based Woodworker Peter Borkowicz

A built-in desk arrangementBuilt-in

Peter Borkowicz is a Vancouver-based woodworker. Using his skill and experience working with a range of wood types, the artist creates pieces of customized furniture that express both contemporary and 19th-century aesthetics.

A detail of an art-deco style cabinetart-deco


I’m really enjoying the look of Peter’s series of built-in desks and shelves. These pieces focus on clean lines and a modern look. Most of the artist’s built-ins are painted crisp white, though many also incorporate natural wood accents that add a sort of rustic flair and prevent the piece from becoming too clean or ascetic.

The front page of Peter Borkowicz' art websitePeter's art portfolio website


In our previous feature of Peter’s furniture and wood accents, we looked at the artist’s love of the Bieidermeier period, a German aesthetic movement that combined curved, ornately sculpted elements with a sleek, almost minimalist look. This, and Peter’s own work in this style, seem a good representation of his portfolio overall.

A modern bookshelf in a grid-patternUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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