Abstract Colour: The Art Portfolio of Edward Bock

A monotype print with acrylic figures pasted over topFebruary Crossing IV, giclee print on canvas with hand-carved acrylic figures

Artist Edward Bock maintains an experimental, exploratory practice that focuses on a wide range of media and subject matter. Edward often combines figurative art styles with abstraction, sometimes rending figures with a loose, abstracted hand, other times inserting detailed figures into planes of abstract colour.

A giclee print with a group of carved figuresFebruary Crossing II, giclee print with hand-carved acrylic figures


Simple, slightly abstracted human figures are a common motif throughout Edward’s portfolio. The artist has stated that these figures are at least partly inspired by the look and texture of weathered street signs, and the “walk” symbol that’s often seen in close association. These figures -- though devoid of features or defining characteristics beyond “human” – are lent personality by the fact that they all seem to be in a hurry to get somewhere.

The front page of Edward Bock's art websitewww.edwardbock.com


Elsewhere in his portfolio, Edward pays homage to the look and atmosphere of city streets in and of themselves. In his Sidewalk Sonata series, the artist collects square photographs of small moments seen on sidewalks and roadways, composing nine photos into a fascinating grid collage that speaks to a walking narrative.

A collage of photographs of a sidewalkSidewalk Sonata 1, giclee print on acid free 100% cotton fiber Velvet Fine Art Paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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