The Commission-Only Art Portfolio of Carmen Estrada

A painting of numerous figures congregating around an outdoor stagePergola


Carmen Estrada is an artist living and working in Mazatlan, Mexico. Carmen currently works on a commission-only basis, creating her artworks to the specifications of clients. The resulting paintings draw inspiration from art history, as well as the combined imaginations of Carmen and her clients.

A painting emulating Monet's water liliesNympheas


In our previous feature we looked at the way that many of Carmen’s works express the artist’s Latin heritage. Though her subject matter varies widely, the artist frequently employs the bright hues and firm, confident shapes that appear in her Latin and Mexican galleries. I also quite enjoy Carmen’s reproductions of famous historical artworks, by the likes of Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. The artist demonstrates her observational skill here, creating works that pay homage to the original while celebrating her own unique style.

The front page of Carmen Estrada's art


Throughout her portfolio, Carmen employ striking colours and central compositions, often surrounding a single figure with colourful negative space, like in her Nautilus gallery.

A painting of a striking shell on a blue backgroundSpider Shell, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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