Architecture and Design: The Art Portfolio of Nadia Secreto

A drawing of a train stationSunalta Station, Calgary, AB, Prismacolor markers and Adobe Photoshop

Nadia Secreto is an artist who explores space and architecture, and how people relate to or are influenced by their environments. Nadia’s work often borrows from architecture and design, showcasing existing structures and imagining new ones.

A photo of an alley in VancouverIn between here and there, photograph


I quite enjoy the way that Nadia’s work blend sculptural or photographic sensibilities with the grounded, hard-edged forms of drafting designs and buildings. The artist’s portfolio contains numerous distinct explorations of city planning and urban space. Nadia’s photography gallery is one aspect of her love for architectural forms -- each gallery comprises photographs of a specific city or region – Vancouver and Calgary, for example.

The front page of Nadia Secreto's art


Many of Nadia’s photos of Vancouver showcase the streets and alleys of the downtown east side, while her photographs of Calgary highlight the contrast between sleek, modern architecture, trees, and heritage buildings. The numerous different forms and styles found even in these series gives a glimpse into the complexity of Nadia’s subject matter.

A close-up photo of a mossy forest floorSmall details, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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