Striking Abstractions by Diane Lounsberry-Williams

An abstract painting with tones of silver and redAura, acrylic on canvas

Artist Diane Lounsberry-Williams creates striking abstractions in acrylic, oil, and cold wax medium. Using these different media in a variety of combinations, the artist blends a sense of subtlety with great visual impact.


An abstract diptych made with oil and cold wax mediumChauvet, oil and cold wax medium on panels


Diane’s compositions have a heavy weight and presence to them, a presence due in part to the often dark or layered neutral colours and the stoic arrangement of form and plane within a work. The slight texture afforded by the artist’s use of cold wax also serves to add a weathered, alchemical appearance to these paintings.

A screen capture of Diane Lounsberry-Williams' art websiteDiane's art portfolio website


Some of Diane’s works remind me of paintings by Barnett Newman – Newman’s painting, too, delivered a sense of power and presence in their simplicity. Diane works on both canvas and paper; her works explore a depth of history, artistic and otherwise, gathered from the artist’s own travels and experiences with different cultures.

A painting with yellow hues and line artA New Conversation, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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