Dreams and Fantasies: The Portfolio of Kathleen MacGregor

A painting of some objects in blue on a red groundI Dreamed I Was, acrylic on canvas

Kathleen MacGregor is an artist who utilizes dreams and fantasies as the basis for her subject matter. Kathleen’s paintings and prints often combine abstract colour and composition with human or animal figures.

A painting of two blue-green birds on a dark red groundBrother Love, acrylic and ink on wood board

I enjoy the loose, heavily stylized style that Kathleen employs in the creation of her works. Most of the artworks in Kathleen’s art portfolio are focused on a central figure, building up a scene and composition around the shape of that figure, sometimes arranging the figure in such a way as to create a sort of iconographic symmetry, like in works where a bird spreads its wings evenly across the length of a canvas.

The front page of Kathleen MacGregor's art portfolio websitewww.kmacgregorart.com


In our previous feature of Kathleen’s work, we looked at the artist’s use of a whimsical, organic aesthetic. In more recent works, the artist seems to have adopted a splashier style, utilizing even more vibrant and saturated colours to create an overall aesthetic that’s just slightly surreal.

A painting of green hummingbirds formed into a heart shapeHummingbird Heart, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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