Making 50 Paintings in Less Than 2 Weeks!

15 miniature paintings of icebergs
Can I just start by saying that I don't think things through? Yes, this would be my strength and my weakness, but it means that I get alot of work done. I recently made the split second decision to have an open studio and create 50 new miniature iceberg paintings for the event. Making the decision was the easy part. Executing all the work and marketing the event...that's another story! But I got it done and so have not learned my lesson and I'm sure I'll be making more rapid-fire decisions in no time at all. 

magnify glass and a small watercolour painting


Luckily creativity was on my side and I simply sat down each night (after my regular day at the studio) and created all these lovely little iceberg paintings. Because I was creating 50 I could watch certain shifts in the subject matter. Suddenly there were tiny little moons that started to appear in the paintings, then palm trees, then a distant shore of cliffs. I went through experimental phases of green tones, monochrome, greywash and rainbow hues. Each of these elements was applied to the icebergs in some of the paintings and the sky in the others. There really is such a feeling of freedom in working small that lies in executing your ideas and testing things so quickly. There were no discard paintings at all! Which was a surprise to me. I worked on these until the wee hours of the morning, and each day that I'd wake up after painting a "batch" I would run downstairs to take my first non-sleepy look at what I had made the night before. It comes close to how I would feel as a kid on christmas morning.

many painting sketches scattered on a table
By the end I had a bit of a routine down- I'd create the background circle of colour and then from there, once they were all dry, I would start with the rest of the composition. I was using a new line of acrylic paint by Golden called High Flow Acrylic acrylics in a watercolur method. The affect was great!

three containers of liquid paint

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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