The Imaginative Contemporary Art Portfolio of Guntis Jansons

A painting of a road in bright autumnal coloursWatagan Creek Road, oil on canvas

Guntis Jansons is a painter from Laguna, New South Wales. In his artistic practice, Guntis takes a painterly approach to a variety of subject matter, from classical landscapes and nude portraits, to abstractions, and imaginative contemporary pieces.

A painting of dreamlike abstraction in blue tonesValley of Kings, oil on canvas


I really enjoy the vibrant and widely varied colours that Guntis packs into each of his paintings. The artist seems to capture the brightest possible hues in any given scene, rendering skies and landscapes in deep blues, greens, and oranges. Even Guntis’ human figures seem impossibly colourful. Hard planes of light and shadow are expressed through bright orange and blue hues, lending the figures an aesthetic that seems to reference more abstracted art movements while maintaining realistic proportions and details.

A screen capture of Guntis Jansons' art portfolio


Aside from his painting, Guntis has also produced several short film projects – his films seem equally sensitive to aesthetics, with some drawing from a retro, early 20th-century filmmaking style while others use a more modern approach to narrative.  


Say hello when you wave goodbye, short film

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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