Photographic Expertise: An Art Portfolio by Heather Solomon

A panoramic photograph of a cloudy skyMadison Vignette, Wisconsin

Photographer Heather Solomon captures views of landscape, animal, and still-life subject matter with her lens. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Heather uses her photographic expertise to create fine art as well as commercial imagery.

A photo of a group of people on a pier at sunsetJuly, Wisconsin


I really enjoy the overall mood and tone that’s present throughout Heather’s portfolio. While no two photos are alike, there’s a certain cohesion even between wildly different subject matter that speaks to the unseen hand of the artist. Heather expertly switches between black and white, and colour photography, using the unique qualities of each to her advantage.

A screen capture of Heather Solomon's photography portfolio websiteThe front page of Heather's art portfolio website


The colour photographs in which Heather utilizes natural sunlight are particularly striking. In portraits, beams of sunlight cast animals in a friendly, familiar light. In culinary shots, the golden quality of sunlight creates a particularly appetizing look for various dishes, all while emphasizing a sense of rustic, homemade appeal. I look forward to seeing more of what Heather has been photographing in recent years.

An abstracted black and white photoLooking Back (stylist: Danielle Cleary)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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