Energy and Heart: The Art Portfolio of Angela R. Green

A painting of a trumpet playerUptown Jazz Funk, mixed media

Angela R. Green is an artist and poet who explores a variety of subjects in her paintings and visual art. The artist often draws inspiration from music and other forms of expression, resulting in visual pieces that are imbued with a great sense of energy and heart.

A painting of Adam LevineGuys With Guitars #2


I like the way Angela explores different styles of painting as she switches between different subjects. In her series The Essence of Jazz, the artist takes a bright, splashy approach, rendering musicians and their instruments in planes of deep, warm colour that seem to reflect the warm tones of a standing bass or saxophone.

A screen capture of Angela R. Green's art websiteThe front page of Angela's art portfolio website


In her Guys With Guitars, and Animal Paintings, the artist’s works take on an interestingly stylized aesthetic, with figures painted in bright colours and layered with “spots” of white pigment. The images in these galleries focus on a central figure, and the points of very light or white colour give an iridescent quite literally “bubbly” look and feel to the imagery.

A painting of a dog in bright coloursTwinkle, mixed media on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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