Canada's Prairies: The Art Portfolio of David B. Scott

A painting of an abandoned barn in a fieldLast Giant Standing, oil on canvas

Painter David B. Scott was born in New Zealand and spent time throughout Europe and North America before coming to Canada. The artist’s current body of work focuses on the natural landscape of Canada’s prairies, with occasional architectural and animal figures.

A painting of a squat structure in a fieldLooking Through, oil on canvas


I really appreciate the level of detail in David’s paintings. The artist’s recent works in particular make the viewer feel as though they could step right into the scene in question. I especially enjoy the way that David walks a line between photorealism, and a slightly looser, more painterly style. This is especially evident in series like Northern Light Southern Bright, where the paintings depict isolated, snowy landscapes. The way David renders the contours of snow, and the colour and shadow of sunlight, is reminiscent of Linda Lang or Ted Harrison.

The front page of David B. Scott's art portfolio websiteDavid's portfolio website,


David’s most recent works feature barns and other heavily weathered architectural features, painted in deliberate strokes that reflect a similarity between these structures and the land that supports them.

A painting of a snowy landscape at duskNear Dusk, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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