Spirituality and Connection: The Art Portfolio of Chía Ortegón

A mixed media portrait of a womanCandice, coloured pencils, gold leaf, acrylic paint on wood

Chía Ortegón is an artist originally from Bogota, Colombia. Chía’s artworks span a range of media and styles, though the artist imbues every work with a sense of spirituality and connection.

A painting on a round disc expressing a theme of loveThe Chalice of Love

In our previous feature of Chía’s transcendental art, we looked at the artist’s abstract paintings and portraiture, and the way that she sometimes combines these two sensibilities into a stunningly colourful, contoured painting. The same is true for Chía’s forays into fabric, jewelry, and wearable art. In her FashionArt gallery, Chía plays with beadwork, textiles, and a variety of other media, creating one-of-a-kind wearable artworks as well as handbags and decorative fabric artworks.

The front page of Chia Ortegon's art websiteThe front page of Chía’s art website


These pieces are highly contemporary, yet certainly call to mind older, more traditional practices and aesthetics. The artist’s larger pectoral pieces echo the sense of spirituality present in the rest of Chía’s portfolio and are presented as powerful pieces for ritual use.

A painting of two dancing womenParadise

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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