A Portfolio of Vibrant Artworks by Vesa Peltonen

A colourful image of a highway running through a hilly areaHighway North #2

Vesa Peltonen is an artist based on Ontario. In his practice, Vesa utilizes bright colour and a digital aesthetic, often blending photography and forms of digital manipulation and painting to create intensely vibrant artworks.

An artwork made with horizontal coloured lines representing the skyNorthern Skyline


Vesa’s art portfolio spans a wide range of subjects, from musicians, to landscapes, to more bizarre, experimental abstract imagery. The artist’s recent abstract works are a mash of colour and texture that Vesa manages to bring together into a cohesive, if energetic, whole. I appreciate the way the artist blends natural textures with highly digitized ones – in Ground and Forms, for example, Vesa presents photographs of gravel and other literal “ground” together with planes of bright colour.

A screen capture of Vesa Peltonen's art websiteThe front page of Vesa's art print website


In our previous feature of Vesa’s vibrant, obscured images, we discussed Vesa’s work on custom commissions, and his fashion collaborations. The artist still has his artwork available in various wearable formats, including scarves and tote bags.    

A colourful artwork of Jimi HendrixJimi Hendrix

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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