Nature and Landscape: A Photography Portfolio by Ivan Petrov

A photo of a forested trailCrispeen Trail

Ivan Petrov is a photographer based in Kamloops, B.C. Ivan produces photographs creatively and for commercial projects, with a focus on nature and landscape.

A photograph of a snowy street in BaltimoreCharles Street #1


I enjoy the bright, clean aesthetic that Ivan brings to his photographs. In our previous feature of Ivan’s documentary and fine art images, we looked at the artist’s urban and natural landscapes, collected in his Fine Art Photography gallery. Organized by location, these photos showcase a micro and macroscopic view of North America, from Nunavut all the way to Washington, DC.

A screen capture of Ivan Petrov's photography websiteIvan's photography portfolio website


Ivan’s commercial work includes photography for events, real estate, and recently, expeditions. In 2017, Ivan used his photographic expertise to document a hiking expedition up the Bugaboo Spire, a significant peak in the Purcell mountain range of British Columbia. The photographs capture a human side of the expedition team, as well as the majesty of the environment that they chose to challenge.

A photo of base camp on a mountaineering expeditionApplebee Dome Base Camp

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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