The Performance Art Portfolio of Monique Blom

A photo of a live performance with artists dressed as chefsMeating the Challenge, durational participatory performance at Nuit Blanche YXE 2017 (collaboration with Arantxa Araujo)

Monique Blom is an artist who works in mixed media and performance art. In her performance practice, Blom address social and political issues, using her own body -- in addition to the physical settings and spaces where her performances take place -- to send a message.

A performance piece with the artist standing in a field in a white dressSewing Death, durational participatory performance at Glasshouse, The Neodomesticity Festival, Brooklyn, NY (collaboration with Arantxa Araujo)


Monique’s recent performance Meating the Challenge takes direct aim at recent provincial budget cuts in Saskatchewan. For this work, the artist collaborated with New York-based multidisciplinary artist and neuroscientist Arantxa Araujo, setting up a table with cutting and grinding implements. The pair of artists donned chef’s clothing and used meat as a prop for symbolically educating the public on how to make better “cuts.”

A screen capture of Monique Blom's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Monique's art website,


I appreciate the visceral, sometimes literally or even darkly humorous approach that Monique takes to her performances. In 2016’s Intent to Re-Side, the artist made a performance out of “helping” U.S. citizens become Canadians following the outcome of the election.

A photo during a performance of Intent to Re-SideIntent to Re-Side, durational participatory performance at Art in Odd Places, Orlando PLAY 2016,
Orlando, FL

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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