Elements of Abstraction: A Portfolio by Amy D Graham

A mixed media artwork with blue and green tonesUntitled

Amy D. Graham is a Massachusetts-based artist who specializes in still-life and figurative paintings, combining these compositional styles with a soft, often pastel colour palette and elements of abstraction and mixed media.

A mixed media artwork with bright, childlike coloursUntitled

I’m impressed by Amy’s ability to widely vary her style. This ability is especially interesting when the artist puts it into practice creating a series of works that focus on the same subject matter. Her series Cups, for example, runs the titular object through a wide range of image-making techniques. Some works in this series are fairly straightforward representations, while others abstract the form of a cup far enough that the viewer must search through the image to make the connection.

The front page pf Amy D. Graham's art websitewww.amydgraham.com


Even with all this variation, Amy manages to maintain a cohesive style. Though compositions and textures may change, the artist’s use of large planes of flat colour, pastel hues, and painterly, enthusiastic brush work brings her entire portfolio together.

A bright pink painting of some cupsUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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