Combining Colour With Sound: The Art Portfolio of Adrian Molina

An oil painting of a werewolf for a magazine coverBlue Moon, oil on canvas

Adrian Molina is a painter and an illustrator who currently works in two distinct separate styles. In his painting practice, Adrian creates abstract works that explore a kind of synesthesia, combining colour with sound. In his current illustration works, the artist is developing narrative imagery for a mystery and suspense comic series.

A promotional poster for a comic about a werewolfThe Werewolf of Kendall (promo poster II)


It’s really interesting to see the two different sides of Adrian’s portfolio together. In our previous feature of the artist’s work with inventions and physics, we looked at Adrian’s Colour of Sound series. The paintings in this gallery are pure abstractions, expressions of gestural movement, colour, and texture. In contrast, the images in the artist’s GINIE gallery are perfect throwbacks to classic pulp horror comics and magazines. Vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night appear in these illustrations, rendered in a painterly but detailed style.

The front page of Adrian Molina's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Adrian's art portfolio website


Adrian’s series The Werewolf of Kendall takes a similar approach, with each work functioning as a poster or cover art for an upcoming short story by the artist.

A digitally coloured illustration of a horror comic coverPortrait of Tenebris, ink on paper, coloured digitally

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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