Dense Florals: The Photography Portfolio of Leslie Ellen Lewis

A photo of white flowers blooming on a treeFirst Blooms, April 2018

Leslie Ellen Lewis is a photographer who captures dense florals and foliage, creating images that, from a distance, could be paintings or even textiles. The artist’s works often embrace a slightly subdued colour palette and use branching patterns and reflection to add visual layers.

A photograph of a dense floral fieldTapestry at the Inn

I really enjoy Leslie’s photographs of flowers, trees, and nature scenes. Many of the artist’s photographs express an aesthetic that’s remarkably similar to the composition of an oil painting – photos of rushing water, for example, capture sun-dappled, repeating expanses of low waves, with the occasional blade of grass emerging from the surface in an abstracted layering of colour and texture that could easily be captured in gestural strokes of paint.

A screen capture of Leslie Ellen Lewis' art


It’s no surprise, then, that Leslie also dabbles in oil painting, producing works that are abstracted but that occasionally suggest landscapes – meadows and forests. In her oil paintings, the artist focuses a lot on texture, creating pieces that look soft to the touch but embrace a matte, sandy surface.

An oil painting of a simple, pastoral landscapeUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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