Dancers in Motion: An Art Portfolio by Luis Pons

A photo of a ballerina dancing in the forestWashington Ballet Ballerina Peyton Anderson

Luis Pons is a photographer who works with dancers to create an aesthetic that captures the best of both art forms. Luis’ photographs depict dancers in motion amid unexpected but oddly fitting backdrops, from natural expanses to city streets.

A photo of a balleina dancing near a frozen lakeBallerina Alexandra Jacobs


I really enjoy the way Luis is able to integrate his subjects into these seemingly disparate backgrounds. The dancers are invariable confident and focused, appearing to be giving an impassioned performance amid trees, concrete, skyscrapers and other man-made structures. As we saw in our previous feature, Pons' moments of ballet appear frozen in time and space.

A screen capture of Luis Pons' photography portfolio websiteLuis' art website,


Perhaps the most striking aspect of these photos is the contrast they offer between the human body, and man-made structures. The hard, geometric lines of buildings and monuments make the dancer’s bodies look all the more solid and purposeful. Even in series like Emergence, where dancers are juxtaposed with the ocean, this symbiotic contrast creates a fascinating focus on the human form at its peak.

A photograph of a ballerina emerging from the oceanSarasota Ballet Principal Ballerina Danielle Rae Brown

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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