Function and Form: The Glass Portfolio of Catherine Hart

A stained glass panel in green and crystal colourationSummer Garden

Catherine Hart is a stained glass artist who works largely on private commissions, creating glass work for windows and wall-hanging panels. Catherine’s works expertly combine function and form, using sparing, contained planes of colour and sculptural elements.

A stained glass window with pink panelsBright Hope


In our previous feature of Catherine’s work, we looked at the way the artist finds beauty in everyday life. It seems fitting that the artist’s medium for this endeavour should be stained glass -- each of the artist’s works can frame and enhance whatever scene it stands in front of.

A screen capture of Catherine Hart's art


I’m enjoying browsing through the works in Catherine’s Abstract and Geometric Panels galleries. The works in these galleries seem to exemplify the artist’s practice, with their relatively contained use of colour, and emphasis on different thicknesses and textures of glass to create a look that’s almost crystalline. With metal elements shaped to form leaves and foliage, these pieces would be a wonderful addition to a window looking out on a garden.

A stained glass panel with a dynamic shapeBirds of a Feather

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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