Elements and Landscapes: The Art Portfolio of Marilyn Joyce

An abstract artwork made with layered textural papersMorning showers, sunny afternoon, ink stained papers, rainwater, beeswax

Marilyn Joyce creates delicate mixed media assemblages that express her own relationship to, and experience of, different surrounding environments. The artist’s works are abstract, but call to mind elements and landscapes ranging from arid deserts to bodies of water.

A mixed media artwork made from abstract paper layersPlaya conversation (morning), ink, tea, thread and beeswax on paper


I really appreciate the sense of quiet, self-contained beauty that’s present in each of Marilyn’s works. Each piece consists of a variety of different materials both manmade and natural. In some works, thin strands of thread are sewn into waxy, translucent sheets of paper, giving the eye a sort of tether with which to pull the viewer across the plane of the artwork. Some pieces are coloured with sediment and tea -- even looking at these works on a screen I can almost smell them.

The front page of Marilyn Joyce's art websiteMarilyn's art website, www.marilynjoyceartist.com


Marilyn’s Recycled Rain series utilizes delicate blue pigments in thread and ink stains to evoke the sense of water. The artist also incorporates real rainwater into these pieces, lending them an odd sort of authenticity that sits neatly beside the artifice.  

An abstract mixed media artwork expressing the idea of silenceSilence, sediment, ink, tea, thread and beeswax on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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