Tactile Layers: The Art Portfolio of Pamela Neswald

An artwork with blue painted tones and textural elementsHe Mokupuni, oil on uniquely textured canvas

Pamela Neswald creates artworks with deep jewel tones and highly tactile layers of media and found materials. The artist tends to work in oil paint, layering pigment onto textured canvas or using other materials to build up each artwork.

A textured abstract painting with a sandy colourAt Last, acrylic on uniquely textured canvas


The artist is based in Hawaii, and many of her works take inspiration from the local landscape, foliage, and other elements of the Hawaiian Islands. In some cases, the artist uses an abstract aesthetic to reflect the texture and colour of a certain place or time. In her Maui Landscape collection, Pamela takes a more literal approach, painting soft, realistic landscapes in a true-to-life colour palette.

The front page of Pamela Neswald's art websitewww.pamelaneswald.com


I really enjoy the works in Pamela’s Dreamscapes Texture collection. These works are the most heavily textured and abstract in the artist’s portfolio, and it seems that the artist takes a very intuitive approach to these paintings, letting the canvas speak to her as the image forms on its surface.

An oil painting of an ocean coveBaldwin Cove Keiki Kanaka, oil on linen panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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